10 Best Places to Visit in Europe on Honeymoon

The newlyweds need some quality time to spend to ensure a better understanding. No other way than the honeymoon is better to make this task easy.  So here we provide the list of best places in Europe that are providing the most couple friendly environment and other opportunities to enjoy the initial days of the wedding bliss.



The capital of France and the city of lights has all things what a newlywed couple needs. The river scenery, the historic buildings like the Eiffel tower, the luxurious hotels and enchanting bridges make this city one of the best options for a honeymoon.


This Island of Greece is perfect to escape city’s hustle and bustle and allow couples to enjoy the best natural beauty. This place is part of the famous tale of Shakespeare.


Monaco is a city of beautiful weather with extremely beautiful beaches and natural beauty make this place must go for everyone but for the honeymoon this place has all the necessary things to relish.



Rome is best for the couples to want to enjoy full of an activity honeymoon period. There are dozens of historic places and hundreds of luxurious couple’s friendly hotels to enjoy.


This is one of the few places where you will experience the flavor of both past and present. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises of this place is another addition to its charm.


Capri is the best place for those couples that want to enjoy honeymoon amid natural scenery. The beautiful beaches, the greenery, and Villa Jovi’s ruin add to its beauty.


This Croatian Island will take your breath away literally with its natural beauty. This place is perfect for those couples that want to understand each other with perfect silence and beautiful combination.


The unique thing related to this Spanish Island is the perfect combination of natural beauty and urbanization. One can enjoy the high-quality shopping facilities along with the natural flavors.


The famous city of water is a perfect choice for a honeymoon. Couples can enjoy historic sites during the day and Italian fare during the night.


This Portugal’s capital city is perfect for couples as they can enjoy silence if the like at Cascais or Estoril resorts. On the other hand they can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the city.  

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