10 Best Cruise lines for Couples

Traveling through the air and by road may be more convenient but not the most enjoyable one. It is human history to travel through the water especially the sea from one destination to another. Travel through the ocean is called cruise traveling. So it is very convenient to know about the best cruise destinations, the best cruise lines, and best cruise ships.

If you are a newlywed couple and in search of some enjoyable journey then be ready to read our selection of the top 10 best cruise lines or destinations.

best cruise destinations

10 Best Cruise Destinations for Couples

Quebec City:

If you are looking for European taste in North America especially in Canada, no place is better than Quebec City. One thing which makes it best is the friendly attitude of the local people. It deserves to be visited through the cruise in the earliest.


Alaska cruise is another name of beauty and refreshment and for couple cruises, it is probably the best cruise destination especially for families. Families can enjoy beautiful views all the way including glacial views and mountain scenery.


The city of thermal springs needs your attention this year for a Budapest river cruise. The city is full of fun and historic places. The food here is something unique and different sights add up to its beauty.

Royal Caribbean Cruises:

Cruise to the Caribbean through Mexico is something to die for. In all the way you can enjoy cultural sites e.g. Mayan ruins. Further, you can enjoy snorkeling and beautiful beaches. Find out cheap Caribbean cruise packages on richtraveldeals.com.

St. Petersburg cruise:

This place has enough reasons to visit it and that too through the cruise. After enjoying the beauty all the way to the city one can enjoy the white night beauty of the city. The city is famous for beautiful temples.

Hawaii cruise:

This destination is a hot spot for cruises. There are dozens of island to choose from and stay. With natural and man-made beauty in abundance, the best places stay include the big island, Oahu and Kauai Islands.

Paris cruise:

The city of the fragrance is famous for its rich culture and history. The river cruise is most famous here and for families, it is worth visiting through the cruise.

Singapore cruise:

Probably the best cruise destination in all of Asia. The diversity and culture here are unique and for families, it is going to be more thrilling.

San Francisco cruise:

Staying here during or end of a cruise a lucky idea. The city has much more to offer for families like cable car ride and ferry ride.

St. Maarten cruise:

One of the busiest route for cruises with things to offer for visitors like shopping and sunny beaches.

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