Aerobatic Biplane Flight San Diego – 45 Minutes


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Not for the faint of heart, this biplane adventure is more than just a simple sightseeing tour. You’ll experience thrilling aerobatic maneuvers that’ll leave you breathless. Far up above beautiful San Diego, your FAA-certified pilot hits speeds of up to 140mph in an open-cockpit biplane. You heard right, there’s nothing separating you from the open air on this heart-stopping excursion! Your San Diego biplane aerobatic flight includes: Ground briefing 45-minute aerobatic flight in an open-cockpit biplane Aerial maneuvers that push and pull you from 4.5 to -2 Gs Stick time (that’s right, you get to fly) Framed flight certificate GoPro video of your flight available for an extra fee The stunts on this stellar adventure are far from child’s play. Forty minutes of extreme maneuvers guarantee to put your G-force endurance to the test. Experience loops, rolls, spins and tumbles in a flying machine that harkens back to the golden age of aviation!

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