Aerobatic Flight Lesson Las Vegas, Extra 330 – 25 Minutes


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An aerobatics thrill ride where YOU FLY the plane, minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. This experience is for those who want to get serious about pulling off some aerobatic maneuvers. The highly trained professional pilot that serves as your instructor will take you through the movements. And then – it’s your turn to take control. You don’t need any prior experience since the instructor will be along for the entire ride with his own set of controls. What kind of maneuvers can you expect to learn? Well, try the aileron roll – you’ll spin at up to 420 degrees per second. You can also expect spins, rolls, loops and more in an Extra 330. Pull up to 8 times the force of gravity when you get to fly the plane during this aerobatic flight in Las Vegas. Take your first step to becoming a pilot today!

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