Air Combat Dogfighting Experience For Two San Diego – 50 Minutes


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Find out what it’s like to be a WWI fighter pilot! You and a friend both take control of your own biplane and perform several engagements. An air combat ride is a scenic adventure that takes place in a biplane. The plane performs incredible formations aside other aircrafts in the style of a WWI dogfight! The kicker? You also get to handle the craft yourself! Engage in air combat with a friend – you both fly your own biplane! Start with a 45min ground lesson. Get acquainted with the aircraft and the maneuvers. Settle in to the vintage flying machine, which takes off alongside a fleet of biplanes! With the wind against your face (it’s an open cockpit!), you’ll lose your breath at the thrilling aerial acrobatics. Take the stick and control the aircraft over San Diego’s scenic coastline! Perform four to five engagements including high and low yoyos and other WWI fighting moves–you’ll be pulling three to four G’s! All your flight time is logged plus you’ll receive a ground debrief and an official framed certificate. This adventure really is a step back in time and it doesn’t skimp on the details. Not only do the planes perfectly fit the part of the era but you’ll also be equipped with a WWI leather helmet, vintage goggles and an old fashioned flight suit!

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