American Muscle Car Drive 3 Laps at Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park


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Corvette Driving Experience The Adrenaline Corvette Driving Experience features the iconic Corvette Z06. For three thrilling laps of the Thompson Speedway’s autocross track you get to test your driving skills and agility behind the wheel of one of America’s most powerful muscle cars. Your Corvette Driving Experience includes: Briefing and introduction to the Z06 Drive 3 laps in a Corvette Z06 on the Thompson Speedway autocross track This 60-90 minute Corvette driving experience is for those people who want to say I did it. You receive a 45 minute professional race driver class to give you the basics of road racing and vehicle dynamics. The classroom is fast paced and there’s over 50 years of road racing experience boiled down into 45 minutes to get you ready to enjoy the thrill of road racing in our world class Corvette muscle cars for 3 laps.Book your Corvette Driving Experience for you or a friend today.

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