Biplane Aerobatic Flight Cocoa Beach – 17 Minute Flight


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Upgrade from a scenic flight with a 17 minute aerobatic thrill ride over Cocoa Beach. Perform 2 wingovers, one loop and a roll – maneuvers you’ve only ever seen at airshows.If you’re looking for extra excitement in Cocoa Beach, board this biplane adventure. Sit in the front seat of a vintage WWII-era biplane while your trusty pilot takes you on a 20mile journey that’s filled with aerobatic maneuvers. You’ll get to experience three unique maneuvers including:Wingover: the airplane makes a steep climb, followed by a vertical flat-turn ; then you’ll take a short dive as the plane gently levels out, flying in the opposite direction from which the maneuver began.Loop: a loop is the classic barnstorming aerial maneuver. From level flight, the pilot will pull up the nose and while keeping the wings level fly through a complete circle.Roll: the biplane rotates 360 degrees along its longitudinal axis while the nose remains pointed in the same direction.Book this aerobatic flight in Cocoa Beach!

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