Biplane Formation Flight San Diego, Beach Run (Two Planes!) – 35 Minutes


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This is without a doubt one of the most authentic WW1 flights out there! Part tour, part hands-on adventure, the trip has you travelling in formation with a fleet of vintage biplanes. You’ll even get to take the yoke and fly solo over San Diego’s scenic coastline! The flight is one of a kind and that’s no exaggeration–this is the only flight company in the world allowed to offer this type of biplane experience! Both you and a friend each get your own plane and fly in formation! A 45 min ground lesson gets you acquainted with the aircraft and offers all the flight know how you’ll need. Buckle up and take off alongside a fleet of biplanes! The open cockpit sensation is out of this world! Take the stick and be the pilot. Fly with the other biplanes in formation over the glorious San Diego coastline! Your flight time gets logged and you even receive an official framed certificate! Sounds exciting? It gets better! This is the airspace where the San Diego military got its start and the same skies flown by Glen Curtis, Charles Lindbergh and the stunt performers filling in for Tom Cruise in Top Gun!

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