Codzilla Boston, 40 Minute Speed Boat Ride


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CODZILLA Codzilla is without doubt one of the premier water attractions in Boston. This purpose built speed boat skims across the ocean at speeds up to 40mph and delivers wet and wild fun ; adventure for all the family.As Codzilla powers across the water using its nearly 3000 horsepower your fun ; thrill factor increases with every knot. In short, a wet and wild 40-minute ride of full blast, sensational fun.Codzilla is 70 feet of marine aluminum and bad attitude. With two turbo-charged diesel engines driving state of the art waterjets, Codzilla roams the ocean with 2,800 horsepower. Its unique hull design makes it capable of thrilling 360-degree turns and spinning on a dime. So be sure to secure all hats, scarves, eyewear and bad hairpieces. Onboard, you’ll enjoy a show professionally scripted by Hollywood screenwriters and orchestrated to an originally scored soundtrack. So you don’t miss a minute of the Boston performance. Codzilla is equipped with a state of the art sound system powering THIRTY marinegrade speakers, that’s right, 30!. And don’t even think about asking us to turn the sound down.Book your Codzilla Boston adventure today.

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