Dragster Driving Experience, Route 66 Motor Raceway Joliet – Chicago


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Dragster Driving Experience This Chicago Dragster Driving Experience takes place at the Route 66 Motor Raceway Joliet Chicago.It’s not a pretend dragster nor is it a ‘soft’ version of the real thing. This is a full blooded Frank Hawley drag racing car and YOU get to drive it for 1×1/8 mile run and 2×1/4 mile runs.We’ll show you how everything works and give you a classroom session on the finer points of drag racing. We provide all your safety equipment and make sure you are strapped into the cockpit nice and tightly.We will line you up on the start line and then… well…… the rest is up to you. Know this though, when you release the brakes and put the pedal to the metal the highly tuned V8 sitting inches behind your helmet with launch the dragster with such force you’ll be convinced you’re about to go through the back of your seat.If this sounds like fun to you or even if you think a friend, work buddy or family member might enjoy this experience then book your Dragster Driving Experience today.

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