Formula Car 5 Lap Drive – Atlanta Motor Speedway


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Atlanta Race Car Experience The Atlanta Motor Speedway race car experience is something you’ll never forget. Why be a spectator when you can be the race car driver and experience the power for yourself? Our Nemesis SC99 is a purebred on the track and after a comprehensive orientation, you’ll be ready to get in the drivers seat and hit 0-60 in a mind blowing 4.5 seconds. The Atlanta Motor Speedway, known as a premiere racing facility and a favorite track of such legends as Dale Jarrett. You’ll have 1.5 miles of D-shape oval track to show the motor racing world what you’ve got. With 140hp that redlines at an incredible 5,600rpm the SC99 guarantees a brain snapping ride. The racing suspension system lets you hug the track tightly and master every hairpin bend like a professional driver.Book your race car experience now!

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