Formula Car 5 Lap Drive – Pike’s Peak International Raceway


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Get out of the stands and behind the wheel of car made to dominate every track it encounters! Power and speed are at your fingertips with a Formula race car. The Nemesis SC99 is a beast on the track and after an in-depth orientation, you’ll be ready to take the wheel and hit 0-60 in a mind-blowing 4.5 seconds. Pike’s Peak International Raceway offers you the best of all types of course to test your skills behind the wheel of this racing wonder. With not only a full mile of traditional paved D-shape oval track but also over half a mile of infield road course for amazing corner speeds, here you’ll really be able to show the world what you’ve got. Your Formula car drive includes: 1-hour orientation to sharpen your skills and maximize your driving experience Fire suit and helmet rental 5 laps or 5 minutes of track time in a Nemesis SC99 (whichever comes first) With 140hp that redlines at an incredible 5,600rpm, the SC99 guarantees a heart-racing ride. Its coil over independent suspension system with unequal length A-arm front and a trailing link rear lets you hug the track tightly and master every hairpin bend like a pro. With palms sweating and hair raising, accelerate to top speeds of up to 150mph!

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