Helicopter Tour Knik River Valley with Glacier Landing and Dogsled Tour, Anchorage – 2 Hours


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Normally, a helicopter flight over glaciers and icebergs would provide you with more than enough thrills to call it a day–this unique tour takes it two steps further. Step 1: touch down on a glacier TWICE to explore the otherworldly sights. Land on a snow-covered glacier and the Lower Ice of the glacier where you can see the crevasses and blue melt pools!Step 2: traverse the snowy scenery on an unforgettable dog sled tour! On this afternoon of adventure, you’re not only a passengerÂ…you get to stand on the runners and mush! Take a combined 2 Hour Alaskan helicopter flight and dogsled tour. Get overhead views of massive icebergs and glaciers! See striking blue melt pools and massive crevasses. Spot the spritely wildlife as you soar over beautiful, snow-draped stretches. Touch down on a glacier and meet your dogsled team. Learn the basics of the sport. Sprint through the wilderness with an experienced guide and team of eager sled dogs! Take the reigns or simply sit back and enjoy the ride! After the sled tour, meet the good boys and girls who guided your journey. Pet the pups and listen to thrilling tales of races that span over 1,000 miles! Stay warm: the tour provides overboots and extra jackets if needed. Book now to brave through the Alaskan wilderness like the adventure-seeker you are. Get sky-high views, be one with nature and discover a mode of transportation that stretches back millennia!

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