Karting Oahu – 3 Races


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Go Kart Racing Hawaii Race up to 9 opponents on this ¼ mile serpentine indoor go kart track in Oahu. The track itself is a 1/4mile serpentine course designed to provide the challenges and technical experiences of a Formula 1 race course. Races last about 8-10 minutes each and you can usually do 14 laps in an adult go kart. Challenge the clock and your friends! 3 races of 8-10 minutes each Speeds of 50mph The go kart is a Formula 1 style European electric go kart that’ll get you from 0-45mph in 3 seconds. These state-of-the-art adult go karts reach speeds of up to 50mph. Bet you didn’t know that gokarts could have that much power! After each race, you’ll get a print out of where you finished and your lap times. So, you can have documented proof of ranking in the top and landing on the podium.

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