Kayak Tour Austin, Congress Ave Bridge Bat Tour – 2 Hours


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You don’t need to go cave exploring south of the border to get up close to a remarkable bat colony. In fact, one of the planet’s most famous bat congregations is located right in the heart of Austin! Every year, hundreds of thousands of pregnant free-tail Mexican bats call the Congress Avenue Bridge home. And now’s your chance to say hello!This incredible kayaking bat tour takes you to the most populated bat nest in the nation and one of the biggest in the entire world! Here’s what you can expect: Get geared up at home base then hop into your kayak for a beautiful paddle down to the bridge Travel underneath the structure and marvel at the hundreds and thousands of winged mammals A total trip duration of 2.5-3hrs gives you plenty of time to study and get acquainted with these magnificent creatures. It’s a difficult experience to illustrate, as their numbers are so immense. During peak season in spring, there’s been known to be over 1.5 million living here! And the fact that you’re in an urban setting makes the adventure all the more astounding!And don’t worry, those old tales of bats swooping into one’s hair are nothing more than silly bedtime stories. These critters are anything but aggressive. They’re peaceful, quite friendly and majestic!

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