Las Vegas Off Road Experience – Drive 5 Laps


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Vegas Off Road Experience Adrenaline’s Vegas Off Road Experience put YOU in the drivers seat of a competition off road truck for 5 full laps of our desert racing course.Here in Las Vegas, off-road trucking is an experience that outshines even the biggest thrills on the Strip. Forget the blackjack tables; get out to the open desert and discover one of the best off-road courses in all of America! If you’re at all familiar with Pro2 short-course racing, you know what to expect. If you’re not, just visualize a truck with sick suspension, racing around a dirt track, pulling off crazy drifting turns and flying high off five jumps, one of which sends it catapulting 20 feet into the air! Get a brief rundown of your vehicle and the track. Hop in through the truck’s window (no opening doors on these vehicles!) and get behind the wheel. Go nuts for five laps! Practice drifting and soar high off five jumps, one of which is an intense, 40-foot table top jump! Get transportation to and from your Las Vegas hotel! This course is just as exciting and well put together as the ones taken on by the pros. Discover the apex of off-road adventures and book your lap time today!Book your Vegas Off Road Experience today!

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