Napa River Kayak Tour – 2 Hours


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Take a Napa River kayak tour! The stunning, 55-mile-long waterway links Mt. St. Helena to San Pablo Bay. It is, without question, the area’s most crucial artery, fueling an ecosystem that’s given way to world-renowned wines. The nearly two-hour-long kayak ride offers some light exercise, fabulous nature watching, and a history lesson that fills you in on all the juicy local lore. Moreover, the jaunt educates you about many of the vineyards that put Napa Valley on the map. Take a two-hour Napa River Kayak Tour! Travel in either a single or tandem kayak. First time kayaking? Learn the ropes from your guide (you’ll get the hang of it instantaneously). Exploring the region’s diverse wildlife: blue herons, beavers, otters, turtles! Gain insight into Napa Valley’s storied history. Learn how climate, topography and flora contribute to the quality of Napa’s wines. The vistas are breathtaking year-round. Kayak Napa River in the summer and you’ll be dazzled by mountainous scenery in full bloom. Come fall, you’ll be equally amazed by the deep burgundies, robust violets and woodsy oranges that paint the landscape. If you’re planning a wine tour, this kayak excursion serves as a great introduction to the area. Book today!

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