Off-Road Buggy Drive Las Vegas – 1 Hour


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Dune Buggy Rental Our Dune Buggy Rental package in Las Vegas is a must for all driving enthusiasts!This experience includes a 60 minute adrenaline pumping chase through the intense terrain of Las Vegas’ Mojave Desert with you at the wheel of your own custom built dune buggy. You will be chasing a pro guide through valleys, up dunes and over jumps. This is a fast paced tour; the only time your guide will stop is to wait for you to catch up, or visa-versa. After a briefing of dune buggy specs, protocols and terrain expectations it’s time to harness up, put on your helmet, flip down your visor and you’re off blasting through the trails of The Mojave Desert Las Vegas. This is a truly one of the most entertaining and challenging experiences Las Vegas has to offer.Book your Dune Buggy Rental Las Vegas adventure today!

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