Off-Road Driving Course, Starke – Full Day


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Buckle up for a wild ride on one of Florida’s bumpiest off-road courses! This amazing, full-day lesson is a comprehensive guide to skillful hazard driving. Conquer any landscape after taking on numerous obstacles, including water crossings, back trails and sand courses!Your off-road lesson includes the following: Meet your seasoned instructor and get acquainted with your customized off-road ride for the day. Learning all about your vehicle (dimensions, weight, possible Achilles heels) helps you with gravity techniques, which is one of the first things covered on the expedition. Once you’re comfortable with stabilizing the vehicle, you’ll try your hand with some advanced water crossings. Next, you’ll be challenged with some tricky sand traps and rugged trails. Finally, maneuver through an expert obstacle course that puts all your acquired knowledge and abilities to the test! Get a deep, thorough connection to your vehicle as you feel out and surmount every obstacle. Off-road driving is all about precision and control. Mastering these challenging courses offers more than just an afternoon of adventure–it’ll make you an altogether more experienced driver!Book your off-road adventure today!

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