Paragliding Certification – Boulder (Parts 1 & 2)


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Learn how to paraglide! Boulder, Colorado sets the scene for what’s likely to be your initiation into a lifelong passion. This isn’t just some one-off intro course; these paragliding lessons award you with full USHPA P1 and P2 certification, meaning you’ll be able to paraglide solo not only in the US but also all over the world! You’ll receive more than eight hours of roping lessons, eight to ten hours of theory and embark on 35 flights! Generally, full P2 certification is granted after 16 lessons, scheduled anytime between April and October. Know how to set up and care for your equipment, take off like it’s second nature, perform white-knuckle maneuvers with your hand breaks and stick to the landing like a pro! Learn how to Paraglide in Boulder, Colorado! Receive 16 lessons that cover every angle of this exhilarating sport. Receive equipment rental for 10 of your 35 flights. Learn how to safely take off in different weather conditions. Know how to control airspeed for a safe and comfortable journey. Coordinate smooth tuns and thrilling maneuvers. Get acquainted with different landing techniques. Be privy to various flying conditions and know how to assess safety. Obtain P1 and P2 certification, granting you access to open skies all over the globe!Receive a $200 voucher for your first equipment purchase! Stop dreaming and start doing! It’s time to turn your passion for high-flying freedom into a lifestyle. Learn how to paraglide in Boulder–sign up today!

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