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Tandem Paragliding Our Tandem Paragliding adventure in Boulder Colorado is the perfect way of experiencing the freedom, thrill and exhilaration of free flight at a great price.It’s one of the wildest flying experiences in Boulder! Paragliding is one of those rare sports where serenity and white-knuckle adventure perfectly intersect. There’s no motor, no turbulence, just you and your Tandem Paragliding pilot staying adrift by the winds and the winds alone. There’s a peacefulness to it all. At the same time, the open-air sensation is nothing short of hair-raising. You’ll be left breathless as your pilot performs wild maneuvers! Here’s how it works. The canopy of the paraglider isn’t just a flat sheet of nylon but rather, two nylon sheets sewn together with a series of ribs and gaps that collect the air. The inflatable wing is connected by an intricate network of wires to a harness, which contains a backup parachute. Your paragliding pilot clenches onto left and right hand breaks, which, when pulled, cause the trailing ends of the canopy to yaw. This is how the pilot navigates the paraglider.To take off, it’s just a few quick paces in the right direction. Your paraglider catches the wind, inflates, and carries you through the clouds! Take a Tandem Paragliding flight in Boulder Colorado Meet up in Foothill Community Garden: get acquainted with the gear and be briefed on safety. Help your tandem pilot set up the paraglider Quickly descend a small hill by foot and let the winds catch you–you’re flying! Soar high amid the Rocky Mountains with a USHPA-certified pilot. Appreciate the sprawling views hundreds of feet above Colorado’s most striking scenery! Landings and flight times are determined by wind patterns. You’re up there for as long as mother nature intends. Generally, flights last somewhere in between 10 and 30 minutes. Memories, on the other hand, linger for much longer. Book your Tandem Paragliding flight in Boulder Colorado today!

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