Polaris RZR Rental Half Day, 4 Seater – Sedona


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Polaris RZR Rentals Drive your own RZR utility vehicle on Sedona’s famous trails. The RZR offers unmatched agility for the real deal off-roading enthusiast. On this half-day experience, you’ll get a map and the wide open Red Rock District of Sedona to explore. Navigate your way along world-famous trails like Sedona’s Outlaw Trail, Soldier’s Pass Trail, Diamond Back Trail, Schnelby Hill Trail and many others in the Red Rock District. 4 Hour RZR rental (4 passenger) Automatic Transmission and 18” suspension Map to nearby trails Plenty of photo opportunities of the Red Rock District Take in the natural beauty of Sedona at your own pace and navigate through challenging trails! Book a RZR drive in Sedona today!

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