Powered Parachuting Apple Valley, San Bernardino – 30 Minute Flight


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Discover a new form of human flight. Try powered paragliding in Apple Valley desert. Fly for a full 30 minutes and if you’re up to it, take control of the ultralight! Powered paragliding is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a paramotor on his back. Attached at two points to the cage is a paraglider wing that allows for powered flight. FAA safety briefing covering seatbelt use, communication methods, exchange of controls and more Learn how the powered paraglider climbs, descends and makes smooth turns Take the controls – that’s right you can try your hands at navigating the powered paraglider if you desire to! Whether this is a scenic discovery flight or you’re looking to spring into the sport, this is the right experience for you. Your trusted pilot will literally show you the ropes and make your first experience in a powered paraglider something that you will cherish.Book your experience now!

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