Skydive San Francisco, Santa Cruz – 8,000ft Jump with Video (Ocean View Jumps Closest to San Francisco!)


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Skydiving San Francisco from Santa Cruz Just a 90 minute drive south from San Francisco (and 45 minutes from San Jose) is one of America’s most scenic and exciting skydiving adventures. So WHY go to Santa Cruz to skydive? It’s the scenery. No other tandem skydiving experience in the Golden State presents you with views like these! From 8,000 feet in the air you’ll be treated to Pacific ocean views that are absolutely stunning. Once you and your expert tandem skydiving instructor jump out of the plane you go into a 30 second freefall (it’s okay to get a little weak in the knees just thinking about it). You’ll reaching speeds of up to 120mph when, suddenly, the chute deploys and it’s just you and your tandem skydiver experiencing a calm drift back to earth. You’re surrounded by views of the Pacific, Monterey Bay, the Beach Boardwalk and other fantastic views. Go tandem skydiving in San Francisco from Santa Cruz. SuperHD video and photos of your jump! No experience required: a quick safety and equipment briefing and you’re ready to fly! Ascend 8,000 feet and marvel at the ocean views from the safety of the cabin. Want a closer look? Proceed with your tandem jumper to the open door! No turning back now–jump on three, two, oneĀ… This is it! There’s nothing but you, blue skies and the force of gravity! Freefall for a little under a minute (for many, it feels like a lifetime). Deploy the chute–you did it, you’ve officially jumped out of an airplane! The next part’s easy: appreciate all the bayside scenery on your drift back to earth. Touch down, catch your breath and think of all the bragging rights you’ve earned. With this San Francisco / Santa Cruz tandem skydive, you can expect tiptop scenery, expert friendly staff that’ll keep you at ease and a spotless safety record. You only take your first skydive once, so make it count. Book this life-changing experience today!

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