Zipline Tour West Virginia, New River Gorge – 3 Hours


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Zip through New River Gorge on a network of 9 zip lines and two suspended bridges spanning over 1 mile of cliff line. Each zip offers unique views and exciting speeds. Several of the zip lines feature dual lines so you can race a friend to the finish or cruise slowly together and enjoy the views. Here is a quick rundown of what you are in for: Zip 1: 490ft long zip through the trees, beginning on the edge of New River Gorge. Zip 2: 380ft long zip that boasts spectacular mountain and river views. Zip 3: 680ft long and 100ft high zip, Reach speeds up to 40mph above the tree line. Zip 4: 200ft long and 40ft high offers serene views of Rush Run Canyon and the Gorge. Zip 5: 200ft long zip and 60ft high with amazing views from White Wall to unique rock formations. Zip 6: Race a friend side by side for 270ft to the finish line or zip backwards if you are up for an extra rush. Zip 7: 525ft blind zip that you can’t see the end of, designed for speed and thrills. Zip 8: 800ft long and 120ft high stretches across Rush Run Canyon, the biggest of all the zips. Zip 9: The final zip of the day will have you dropping off the edge of the deck and free falling for 45 feet before landing safely to the ground. All of this heart pumping action will make for an adventure thrill day your family will remember for a long time to come.

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